Young Designer programme

Fair Wear Foundation is approached by young designers who are just starting their own fashion brand on a regular basis. These brands often want to work in a fair and sustainable way from the beginning onwards, and contact us for information. To guide them in this process, FWF is pilotting a Young Designer programme. Learning and best practice sharing are the focus of this programme, for which FWF designed the Young Designer Academy.

The following members are participating in the programme:

  • Underprotection (DK) - fashionable and sustainable underwear | December 2012
  • Sena Eco Couture (Neves Studio) (NL) - a high fashion brand specialised in timeless women's wear | July 2012
  • BrandLess (AT) - specialises in logofree T-shirts | January 2014
  • ClubKollektion (DE) - a sportswear brand,  specialised in garments for sport clubs | January 2014
  • Die Rote Zora (DE) - a high fashion brand, focusses on feminine dresses| February 2014
  • Sheeld (AT) - a sports brand, specialises in fitness wear | July 2014
  • UpRise (BE) - a fashion brand that sells clothing made of hemp | July 2014
  • Mud Jeans (NL) - a denim brand, which recycles old jeans into new items | July 2015
  • Gebrüder Stitch (AT) - a custom-made jeans brand | November 2015
  • Bamboo Belgium (BE) - a fashion brand selling clothing made with bamboo fibres | November 2015

As part of the Young Designer Academy, FWF will organise seminars to work together with the participants on annual learning goals. During these seminars fair working conditions and other sustainability issues will be discussed. The goal of the Young Designer programme and Academy is to prepare small and start-up brands for the regular affiliate membership. 

A special FWF Young Designer logo is developed for use by its participants, to make a clear distinction between different memberships. For a full overview of all FWF memberships, please see our about page   

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Young Designer programme

For more information about the Young Designer programme and the requirements, please contact: schuurman [at]