Westveer Holding BV.


Westveer Holding represents two workwear companies: Bout Beroepskleding (former FWF ambassador member since May 2009) and PWG Bedrijfsveilige Kleding (former FWF affiliate member since July 2005). Westveer Holding is a FWF Affiliate on behalf of both companies since 1 January 2012. Membership will be terminated as of 31 December 2016.


brand performance check 2014

Westveer Holding BV, made up of two divisions (Bout BV and PWG), has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWFs management system

It does not meet its monitoring threshold for 2014, as its main factory located in a low-risk country has not met the monitoring requirements for low-risk countries. This is due to the fact that it has not posted the FWF Code of Labour Practices.

To get back into the Good category, Westveer is required to ensure and show that workers at its production facility have an opportunity to be made aware of their rights. Furthermore, Westveer is recommended to include legal minimum wage calculations when negotiating prices with its suppliers and to analyse its own pricing policy in relation to the share that is paid to workers.

Westveer is recommended to increase the external production that it sources from FWF or other credible initiative members and ensure that these companies have completed the external production questionnaire.
Finally, FWF also recommends Westveer to hand in its annual Workplan and Social Report on a timely basis.




Before PWG became part of Westveer Holding, the company was an affiliate member of FWF. FWF then carried out two performance checks, please find the reports below:

sourcing in

PWG Bedrijfsveilige Kleding BV

Scottweg 39
4462 GS Goes

social report 2010

social report 2011

BOUT Beroepskleding BV
Van Riemsdijkweg 17
3088 HB  Rotterdam


social report 2011