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Van Puijenbroek Textielfabrieken B.V. joined Fair Wear Foundation in 2004. The company produces work wear under the brands HaVeP and Bucofa.

Brand Performance Check 2015

In 2014, Van Puijenbroek met most of FWF's management system requirements. With a score of 75, it is within the minimum required score for a Leader classification. Its monitoring threshold, however, remained similar to last year and is below the required percentage for a member who has been a member for more than three years. For this reason, Van Puijenbroek is awarded the Good category.

The continued lower-than-required monitoring percentage is related to Van Puijenbroek doing test production in two production locations in different countries. Even though there was due diligence on a factory level with factory visits and reports, there was unclear due diligence on a country level, including becoming familiar with the unique social compliance challenges of sourcing in Laos and Serbia. In 2015, Van Puijenbroek is taking steps to return to the required monitoring percentage of 90%.

Audit reports in 2014, however, showed improvement. Its new production facility in Macedonia was also audited, and the conditions at that factory were seen as very good. Most producion locations have active trade unions, and overtime is not a relevant issue. In terms of wages, there is still room for improvement.

FWF encourages Van Puijenbroek to work towards attaining the required monitoring percentage. It also encourages Van Puijenbroek to conduct WEP training sessions at a number of its factories and, if necessary, conduct due diligence processes on a country level when commencing new production.

Score: 80 Percentage under monitoring: 84% Category: Good

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