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Takko Fashion, a leading value fashion retailer with outlets in 17 European countries, joined Fair Wear Foundation on 1 October 2011. A joint press release can downloaded here.


Brand Performance Check 2015

Takko meets most of FWFs management system requirements. 91% of the production volume was actively included in the monitoring system, which is just above the required 90 % required of brands in 3+ years of membership. In light of the continuous audit programme that Takko develops yearly, together with further consolidating the supply base, and the benchmark score, FWF has awarded a good rating.

Takko has a wide range of suppliers, based in 16 different countries. With close to half of them there is a business relationship that lasted for at least five years, and at slightly more than 70% it buys at least 10% of the production capacity.There is however also a large group of over 100 suppliers where there is very little leverage. Takko is recommended to specifically reduce this group.

Thanks to its local offices, Takko is frequently visiting their suppliers in South East Asia, and can actively remediate complaints and audit findings. Together with an advanced supplier evaluation tool, information is available on their suppliers regarding social compliance, which is accessible throughout the company. Social performance is considered when placing orders. In its monitoring, Takko needs to pay more attention to address excessive overtime and it needs to develop a pricing policy where the company staff knows that their prices are allowing for the payment of at least legal minimum wages in production countries, which means labour costs per product should be known.

Nineteen suppliers participated in WEP trainings, some of which showed a more active approach afterwards in resolving issues that workers raised. It is recommended to involve more suppliers in the WEP programme.

Score: 62 Percentage under monitoring: 91% Category: Good

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“As an international company our social responsibility is exercised in all regions we do business in. Thus, we take the subject of working conditions and social responsibility very seriously. With our membership at FWF we want to use the opportunity to optimize our standards.”