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Tailor & Stitch BV is a Dutch company specialised in work wear and corporate clothing. They joined FWF on 28 January 2013.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Tailor & Stitch has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWFs management system requirements. Tailor & Stitch has monitored 66% of its supplier base which is below the required 90% threshold of brands in 3+ years of membership.

Tailor & Stitch has a stable supplier relationship and substantial leverage at its main supplier in India. Together with this supplier, it has worked on
improvements on personnel records, overtime, an age verification system and installing first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Another positive point is that the
Indian agent used by Tailor and Stitch helps to implement the Code of Labour Practices, has much experience in the field of social compliance and is well
aware of the human rights risks in the garment industry of India.

Although it has invested time and effort to improve working conditions at its main Chinese supplier, this supplier has not shown willingness to cooperate and realise improvements. Tailor & Stitch' production planning and order placement system provide sufficient space to avoid excessive overtime.
Unfortunately, Tailor & Stitch had to end three supplier relationships due to bankruptcy, unsuccessful cooperation and one supplier preferred to focus on the internal Indian market. This limited its ability to work on improvements of working conditions. In 2015, it started production with one new Romanian supplier.

Working conditions and the willingness of suppliers to cooperate on improvements are an important criterion in the selection of new suppliers. Tailor & Stitch performs human rights due diligence before placing orders. In India, it works with an agent that is aware of human rights risks. FWF recommends Tailor & Stitch to further integrate assessing human right risks into its decision-making process for selecting new suppliers.

Tailor & Stitch needs to ensure that it reaches the monitoring percentage of 90% to ensure that it knows which human rights issues are present in its supply chain. It should do this through FWF audits or by collecting already existing audit reports. The next step would be to set up a Corrective Action Plan with the supplier and to start working on improvements in a timely manner. Tailor & Stitch needs to take active steps to prevent and mitigate human rights risks at all of its suppliers.

Furthermore, Tailor & Stitch needs to ensure that it implements the requirements of the Brand Performance Check of 2014 and 2015 as soon as possible in order to systematically make progress in FWF membership.
Where gender based violence is a high risk in India, FWF recommends Tailor & Stitch to enroll its Indian suppliers in the Gender Based Violence-training of the Workplace Education Programme.

Score: 50 Percentage under monitoring: 66% Category: Needs improvement

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