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Swiss Post is based in Switzerland and has business units in the postal delivery, transport and financial services sectors. An internal division directly supplies clothing, uniforms and workwear to Swiss Post employees. Swiss Post joined FWF on 13 June 2012.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Swiss Post meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. It has monitored 100% of its total purchasing volume, therefore meeting the 90% threshold required during the third year of membership.

Swiss Post obtained the leader status two years ago and has further strengthened this position. Swiss Post has strong processes in place to conduct human rights due diligence and to implement the FWF Code of Labour Practices at its suppliers. Swiss Post goes beyond auditing by training workers and management of factories on labour standards to ensure that workers are aware of their rights and can obtain those rights. It has continued to train factories in Bulgaria and worked together with the ILO to implement labour standards at its factory in Jordan. In 2015, Swiss Post has been moving more of its production to low-risk countries to ensure that human rights violations do not take place in its supply chain.

Swiss Post could still improve its purchasing practices by doing root cause analysis on excessive overtime at its Chinese suppliers and to take effective
measures to lower excessive overtime for all workers in the factories. Furthermore, FWF encourages Swiss Post to continue and step up its work on the more complex issues, like freedom of association and collective bargaining and living wages. Cooperation with other customers to increase leverage and impact is strongly recommended as well as setting up a production planning system that takes the overall capacity of suppliers into account.

FWF recommends Swiss Post to also enroll its suppliers in a WEP-training in Bulgaria, where FWF is starting to roll out such training. Swiss Post has learnt a lot from the work it has done on the responsible sourcing of clothing and rightfully considers it a best practice. It now wishes to extend these lessons learnt across the entire procurement department of Swiss Post.

Score: 81 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Leader

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“Swiss Post lives up to its social responsibility. With our Fair Wear Foundation membership, we want to make sure that not only our employees in Switzerland benefit from fair labour conditions, but also the workers of our garment suppliers worldwide. FWF helps us to focus on specific actions and set verifiable objectives.”