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Star Sock is a Dutch company that joined Fair Wear Foundation in January 2015. A first Brand Performance Check will take place after the first year of membership.

brand performance check 2016

Star Sock meets most of FWF's management system requirements. With 63% of production volume under monitoring, Star Sock meets the 40% monitoring threshold required for first year members.

Star Sock works with a small, long-term supplier base and visits all production locations at least once per year. Star Sock has a business relationship of more than five years with 51% of its suppliers. All staff is aware of FWF membership requirements and information about working conditions at suppliers is shared frequently with staff involved.

Currently, all orders are placed in Turkey, China and Portugal. At one of the main production locations in China a FWF audit was conducted and some of the issues found are: excessive overtime, a lack of awareness of the Code of Labour Practices among workers and social benefits were not paid correctly. Star Sock immediately followed up with a WEP training to raise awareness and inform workers about the FWF worker helpline.

Star Sock is working towards more systematic monitoring and remediation. The company has been encouraging stronger commitment from its suppliers in order to support implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practices.

Score: 58 Percentage under monitoring: 63% Category: Good

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“We believe Fair Wear is the natural partner of choice, and can help us to make our great socks feel even better for all of those involved in making them” - Erik Rozen