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ROOTS for Safety BV, a work wear company based in the Netherlands, joined FWF on 1 July 2013.


Brand Performance Check 2015

Roots for Safety has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWFs management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 43%, it does not meet FWF's required monitoring threshold of 60% for members in their second year of membership. Its score of 40 does meet the minimum required score of 40 for members in their second year of membership.

In 2014, Roots for Safety ensured that two of its most important suppliers were audited, and WEP training sessions were also conducted at two of its most important suppliers in China. These actions have set the foundation for Roots for Safety to make real progress on improving working conditions. A third production location, however, was not audited, which had a significant impact on the monitoring percentage.

The important work of remediating Corrective Action Plans was only done to a limited extent in 2014. This will need to improve in 2015, and can be helped along by more involving its agent located in China more in this process. In addition to this, the previous Brand Performance Check contained a large number of required changes (10), but follow-up was only given to three of these changes, while the rest was not addressed.

FWF encourages Roots for Safety to work on attaining the monitoring threshold, CAP remediation and addressing the required changes related to setting up a system to monitor social compliance, the posting of Worker Information Sheets and addressing more challenging issues such as overtime and wage levels.

Score: 40 Percentage under monitoring: 43% Category: Needs improvement

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