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This factory in China joined FWF in early 2011 and is supplying a number of FWF affiliates.

ProGarments is in process of implementing FWF's management system requirements for member factories.

ProGarments has followed up on the audit that was carried out in January 2010 at its factory in China. The company hired a person who was designated person to look after the implementation and monitoring of corrective action plan in the factory.

In November 2011, FWF's audit team carried out an audit at the factory owned by ProGarments in China to verify improvements since 2010. During this audit it was found that no violations took place with regard to child labour, forced labour and discrimination. ProGarments made various improvements regarding health & safety. As another improvement, workers were given copies of their contracts, and commercial insurance was provided to workers with jobs with relatively high risk of accidents. Furthermore, the factory started training workers upon recruitment with regard to FWF's labour standards and Chinese labour law.

ProGarments has ensured that the Code of Labour Practices (CoLP) including contact information of the local complaints handler of FWF is posted in its factory in China. The CoLP is posted in a place that is accessible to workers.

FWF finds that further improvements are needed. Whereas a workers committee was established in August 2011, at the time of the audit it was not active in facilitating a dialogue with management. Also, piece rate workers who had been working at the factory for more than one year were not entitled to paid annual leaves as legally. Finally, it was found that excessive overtime had recently taken place. The amount of working hours had remained at the same level compared to the previous audit, which indicated excessive working hours during a production peak in different months.

FWF recommends that ProGarments inform its customers in detail about the linkage between their purchasing practices and working conditions in the factory. In working towards implementation of living wages, active support by customers is vital.

Also, it is recommended that ProGarments participate in its training project specially designed for factory management and workers. These trainings are set up to strengthen awareness of and access to grievance mechanisms and alternative channels for dispute solving.

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Social report 2011

"Corporate Social Responsibility is in the interest of quality and output of our production facility. But the most important thing is that it is completely our way of thinking."

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