Odd Molly International AB

Odd Molly, a Swedish fashion company, joined FWF in July 2009. 

Brand Performance Check 2016

Odd Molly meets most of FWF's management system requirements. The company's sourcing strategy is based on long-term relationships and it works with a stable supplier base. The past two years Odd Molly has expanded their product range, which means several new suppliers were selected.

Nineteen percent of Odd Molly's 2015 purchasing volume comes from suppliers located in low risk countries. Together with the suppliers the company has audited the past years, it has reached a monitoring threshold of 93%. Based on this monitoring percentage and a benchmark score of 70 FWF has awarded Odd Molly a Good rating.

In 2015 Odd Molly invested effort in ensuring all buyers had the same systematic way in ensuring supplier compliance with the FWF Code of Labour Practice. This resulted in a general overview of supplier performance. This document is accessible for all staff involved. In addition, Odd Molly spent time and effort on ensuring other colleagues within the company were aware of FWF membership. The production manager gave several presentations to sales staff and retail personnel to inform them about FWF.

FWF recommends Odd Molly to continue the work they started on getting insight in the production time and thus the costs of specific garments. This
information is important in determining how the pricing strategy affects working conditions (overtime and living wage) in the factories.

Score: 70 Percentage under monitoring: 93% Category: Good

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