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Mayerline is a Belgian fashion label that focuses on fashion for women. The company was founded in 1957 by Joseph Meyer and his wife Jeanne Vrijdags. Mayerline signed the FWF Code of Labour Practices during the Members' Day 2010. They are an affiliate as of 15 March 2010.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Mayerline meets most of Fair Wear Foundation's management system requirements. Mayerline systematically works towards resolution of corrective actions. After FWF audits, remediation steps were taken and follow up is being closely monitored. In 2014 Mayerline effectively encouraged its supplier in Turkey to conclude a CBA which raised wages at the supplier.

Mayerline is encouraged to take steps towards analysing the root causes of excessive overtime and payment below living wages and how this relates to its own buying practices. Moreover, it can increase efforts to encourage more suppliers to take part in FWF's Workplace Education Programme.

Most of Mayerline monitoring efforts in 2014 were focused on high-risk countries, mainly China and Turkey. However, some 40% of its total purchasing volume in 2014 is sourced in low-risk countries, mostly Lithuania and Portugal. As Mayerline did not visit any of its suppliers in Portugal and Italy (accounting for 11%) in 2014 and also did not ascertain whether the CoLP was posted, it did not meet FWF monitoring requirements for low-risk countries. Mayerline did, however, meet the monitoring requirements for its supplier in Lithuania, accounting for 31% of its 2014 FOB volume. With 50% under monitoring in high risk countries, Mayerline's monitoring percentage in 2014 stands at 81%, which is below the 90% required for members in 3+ years of membership. A number of audits and WEPs are planned in 2015, which are expected to bring Mayerline's monitoring percentage above the required 90% again. FWF has therefore decided to use its discretionary power and has awarded a Good status.

Score: 55 Percentage under monitoring: 81% Category: Good

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