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Manroof GmbH is a small privately owned company selling made-to-order products such as baseball caps, lanyards, footballs, etc. They joined FWF in November 2008.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Manroof met most FWF's management system requirements to improve working conditions. Thanks (in part) to four FWF audits at Manroof suppliers in 2015, Manroof monitored 96% of its total purchasing volume, which is above the 90% required of brands in 3+ years of membership. Combined with a benchmarking score of 62, this places Manroof in the 'Good' category.

Manroof has further iconsolidated ts supplier base and has increased its leverage with its four main suppliers in China. A total of 79 percent of Manroof's purchasing volume originates from suppliers where Manroof accounts for more than 10% of the suppliers' production capacity. This gives Manroof a good position to demand improvements in working conditions. Monitoring and remediation of corrective actions at the Chinese suppliers are supported by a local consultant Manroof hired.

After the brand performance check over 2014, Manroof conducted a large number of visits in 2015 to its main suppliers in China, as well as suppliers in low risk countries. This has resulted in COLPs being posted and questionnaires completed; issues that needed improvement before.
Manroof should improve its due dilligence when starting new business relations. Orders were placed with two suppliers in High Risk country Turkey without properly assessing the working conditions. Production locations were not visited, existing third-party audit reports were not requested and FWF questionnaires were not completed prior to order placement. This exposes Manroof to considerable risks of labour right violations at the concerned suppliers.

Score: 62 Percentage under monitoring: 96% Category: Good

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