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Maier Sports is a German company for outdoor, sports and fashion. Maier Sports joined FWF on 1 June 2011.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Maier Sports meets most of FWFs management system requirements and has 86 % of its suppliers under monitoring. This is below the 90 % required of brands in 3rd years of membership. As Maier Sport did audit its own production (accounting for another 5 % of FOB) shortly before and after the three year period in which FWF accepts audits and continuously worked on improvements with the supplier, FWF has nevertheless awarded a good rating. Compared to the last Brand Performance Check, Maier Sports has made considerable efforts to increase systematic monitoring e.g. conducting human rights due diligence at new suppliers, resolving CAPs more actively and ensuring the FWF CoLP is posted at all their suppliers. The company visits suppliers frequently and addresses social compliance. Wage levels at its Chinese supplier audited in 2014 showed wages close to living wage estimates. FWF encourages Maier Sports to work on remediation of more complex issues like lack of freedom of association and excessive overtime and conduct root cause analyses, espeically at the suppliers (partly) owned by the company in China and Turkey and where Maier Sports has high leverage. Maier Sports is required to enroll main suppliers in FWF's Workplace Education Programme to enhance dialogue between workers and factory management.

Score: 71 Percentage under monitoring: 86% Category: Good

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