Madness The Nature Textile Company GmbH

Madness is a German fashion company that joined FWF August 2014. A brand performance check will be held after the first year of membership.

Brand Performance Check 2016

MADNESS THE NATURE TEXTILE COMPANY GmbH (MADNESS) meets most of FWFs management system requirements. 93% of its production is under monitoring, which exceeds the requirement of second year members.

MADNESS sources 93% of its products at its main supplier, where they have a high leverage of 95% and visit frequently. This allows MADNESS to effectively work on improving working conditions. At the end of 2014 an audit took place at this supplier.

During 2015, MADNESS focused on addressing the findings from the audit and follow-up on the corrective action plan (CAP). In 2015 a Workplace Education Programme took place at this supplier to enhance communication between workers and management and to address gender based violence. For 2016 FWF has scheduled a verification audit to check the progress and improvements.

In addition, MADNESS did a thorough analysis of its production process to identify the root cause of excessive overtime. They made some positive steps to ensure wage records are kept. FWF recommends that MADNESS should ensure follow-up and meaningful steps towards higher wage benchmarks in 2016.

Score: 71 Percentage under monitoring: 93% Category: Good

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