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Kwintet is a Swedish company that joined FWF july 2011.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Kwintet is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements. After the closing of financial year 2014, Kwintet reached 81% of their production volume included in their monitoring system. This is below the required threshold of 90% for an affiliate in its fourth year of membership. Kwintet further consolidated its base of suppliers. At 84% of their suppliers they occupy more than 10% of the production capacity. Combined with a longerterm business relationships, this offers good possibilities and leverage to work on improvement of working conditions. With the merger of CSR and Quality it has established a good system for monitoring compliance. This system includes already all suppliers in South East Asia. Including also suppliers in other countries in this system, and implementing monitoring requirements for production locations falling under the low risk policy, will furhter enhance improved insight in social compliance in its supply chain. Kwintet uses already for years an advanced violation matrix and grading system. To reach the monitoring threshold Kwintet needs to (re-)audit more suppliers and it is recommended to involve more factories in the Workplace Education Programme or other training programmes to actively stimulate the improvement of worker management dialogue. Next to that Kwintet should look for other ways to actively support suppliers in working on challenging issues as reducing overtime and making steps towards living wages.

Score: 57 Percentage under monitoring: 81% Category: Need improvement

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