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KOI International b.v is a company based in The Netherlands and is specialised in denim products. With their brand Kings of Indigo (K.O.I) they joined FWF in January 2013.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Last year K.O.I. was suspended, but now K.O.I. meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. 53 % of the company’s production volume is under monitoring. This is below the 90 % required of brands in 3+ years of membership. Because K.O.I.does not continue its relation with one of the main suppliers, FWF and K.O.I. agreed that this supplier did not need to be monitored.

Because the benchmarking score is sufficient K.O.I. earns a good rating. If the supplier would have been monitored, the monitoring threshold of 90% would have been passed. FWF expects that next year K.O.I. monitors 90 % of the production volume again.

K.O.I. has shown much progress in implementing FWF’s management system and was able to follow up on three of the requirements in the Brand Performance Check of last year. FWF expects K.O.I. to follow up on the requirements for low risk countries and take more action to get the production agents involved in monitoring. FWF encourages K.O.I. to organize WEPs at their largest suppliers to increase awareness and understanding on labour standards and the complaints hotline.

Score: 55 Percentage under monitoring: 53% Category: Good

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"I have worked the past 10 years on making sustainable denim, in the most fair way. So with K.O.I we want to have the best possible circumstances for the workers who make our product with passion and devotion." Tony Tonnaer, CEO