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JBC is a Belgium fashion brand that joined FWF in April 2015. A first Brand Performance Check will be done after the first year of membership.

brand performance check 2016

JBC meets most of FWF's management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 52 and a score of 52, it is placed in the Good category for members in their first year of FWF membership.

In its first year of FWF membership, JBC concentrated on informing all of its suppliers that it joined FWF and collected a signed questionnaire. In addition to this, the commercial audit team that does audits for JBC was trained by local FWF staff on FWF's audit process and reporting. These audits, conducted mostly in China, were followed up on in a structural manner.

JBC worked hard to identify all production locations, and was able to identify specific production locations for 85% of its FOB. To meet FWF's requirement of accounting for all of its FOB at a production location level, it also set up a system to better automate this process that will be implemented for the next Brand Performance Check.

FWF encourages JBC to better structure and formalize its due diligence process related to selecting new suppliers and work to systematically integrate the level of working conditions in its sourcing decisions. In addition, JBC is encouraged to improve its purchasing practices related to production planning and pricing to ensure factory-level improvements.

Score: 52 Percentage under monitoring: 52% Category: Good

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"At JBC, a family company, we are committed to being a responsible, honest and transparent company. We are convinced that joint initiatives as FWF for improving working conditions are indispensable to achieve large scale results."