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Filippa K, a Swedsish fashion brand, started its affiliation to FWF in March 2008.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Filippa K meets most of Fair Wear Foundation's management system requirements. The company has adopted a number of sourcing practices that effectively support the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. More than two thirds of Filippa K's purchasing volume in 2015 came from suppliers with whom they have long term business relationships, and where the company has substantial leverage.

51% of Filippa K's purchasing volume comes from suppliers located in low-risk countries where monitoring requirements are fulfilled. With its auditing and other monitoring efforts, the company has monitored over 90% of their supply chain and therefore meets FWF's monitoring threshold for members in their 3rd+ year of membership.

Filippa K has taken steps to gain more insight into excessive overtime, by starting an asessment on working hours, together with another FWF member in a shared factory in China. Additionally, Fillippa K started to create more awareness among workers of their rights, by enrolling factories into FWF's Workplace Education Programm, and piloting three factories in QuizRR, an online learning and training tool.

Though FWF recognizes that more effort has gone into resolving corrective actions from audits, it is still recommended to set up systemic procedures that are structurally integrated for all product groups in order to align sourcing decisions with CSR goals and objectives. In the future, steps can be taken to further analyse the root causes of excessive overtime, and participation in living wage pilots is encouraged.

Score: 66 Percentage under monitoring: 91% Category: Good

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