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Faber Group is a Dutch company that produces flags. They joined Fair Wear Foundation in June 2014. A Brand Performance Check will be done after the first year of membership.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Faber Flags meets most of FWF's management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. The company works with a small number of suppliers with whom they have stable relationships with. The company has strongly invested in their own factory in Thailand and the formerly owned factory in Poland. The close relationships with the factories allows Faber Flags to keep track of all aspects of production planning and issues in the factories. Faber Flags visits the factories several times a year and staff at the head office is in contact with the factories on a daily basis. The status of working conditions is closely monitored.

Faber Flags meets the monitoring threshold; 54% of their production takes place in their own factory in Thailand and 46% of their production is sourced from a factory in Poland, considered by FWF as low risk country. Faber Flags purchases less than 1% of their total volume at a factory
in Romania. Even though Faber Flags is reducing their production volume in Romania, FWF recommends to keep track of the working conditions in this
factory. With the audit and the CAP follow up, the company reaches a monitoring threshold of 99%, which is above the required 60% for the second year of membership. Several steps have been made in 2015; a WEP training was organised at the Thai factory to create awareness of FWF's CoLP among workers.

Faber Flags has invested a lot of time to analyse the production planning system in their factory in Thailand to mitigate excessive overtime. In the coming year, Faber Flags should pay attention to wage research on factory level. FWF recommends Faber Flags to continue facilitating trainings at the factories, in order to raise awareness on and improve internal communications systems and workers delegation.

Score: 90 Percentage under monitoring: 99% Category: Leader

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"To show our clients and stakeholders that we proudly produce in Thailand and Poland according to FWF accepted principles." CM Koppelaar.