Buttonboss B.V.

Buttonboss B.V., a Dutch company specialised in promotional wear (e.g. caps and buttons) joined FWF in 2006.

Brand Performance Check 2016

In 2015, Buttonboss met most of FWF's management system requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 90% meets FWF's requirements for members in 3+ years of membership. This, combined with a benchmarking score of 70, FWF has awarded a "Good" rating.

Buttonboss correctly followed up on suggestions made during last years' performance check. They organised a WEP training at their largest supplier and kept their monitoring threshold at the right level.
Even though Buttonboss has little leverage at its suppliers, FWF encourages Buttonboss to use their long-term relationship with its suppliers to discuss the topics of living wages and overtime.

Score: 70 Percentage under monitoring: 96% Category: Good

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Buttonboss BV
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The Netherlands
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