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Bizniz Confectie BV, a company based in The Netherlands that produces private label fashion and sports wear, joined FWF in May 2011.

Brand performance check 2016

Bizniz has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWFs management system requirements. With the audits conducted by FWF at the two factories in Tunisia, the company reaches a monitoring threshold of 100% which is above the required threshold of 90% for members who are in their third year of membership.

The company has strongly invested in stable business relationships for the past 20 years with its main suppliers in Poland, that produce almost exclusively for the company. This provides Bizniz a clear insight in to the production planning of the factories and allows the company to closely track all aspects of production.

However, the follow up of the audits of the two Tunisian suppliers remains insufficient. This is one of the main factors that led to a score that places Bizniz in the 'good' category this year, while the performance check last year placed Bizniz in 'leader'. FWF recommends Bizniz to put extra effort in remediation of structural issues, and use their high leverage to encourage the suppliers to take extra steps. Issues that need more attention are compliance with CBA agreements and the short term contracts that are used by the factories.

The company is invited to participate in the training events that FWF organizes for its members.

Score: 53 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Good

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