Bestex Fabricage BV

Bestex is a workwear company that joined Fair Wear Foundation september 2014.


Brand performance check 2015

In its first year of FWF membership, Bestex meets most of FWFs management system requirements. In December, it audited its only supplier, meaning that it has achieved a monitoring percentage of 100%.

Bestex has a long-term and stable working relationship with its supplier, which lays the necessary foundation for improving the working conditions.
Remediation of the audit report was unable to be started in 2014 as the audit report was only received in 2015.

In 2015, FWF encourages Bestex to establish a system to monitor working conditions and take steps to remediate the issues raised by the audit, starting with ensuring that the Code of Labour Practices is posted in the local language. As part of this, it should expand its knowledge of the risks associated with sourcing in China and conduct a root cause analysis of overtime.

Score: 38 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Good


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Brand Performance Check 2015

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"Reliability, honestly, corporate social responsibility are spear points in our company. Membership of FWF does make that Bestex these spear parts practical apply." Patrick Bekkers