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Acne Studios, a Swedish fashion brand, joined FWF in 2008.


Brand Performance Check 2015

Acne Studios has implemented most of FWF's management system requirements and goes beyond several. The company has 92% of its suppliers under monitoring, hence meets FWF's monitoring threshold.

In the past financial year Acne Studios bought 76% of its supplier volume from factories where the company has significant leverage (at least 10% of the factory production capacity).

The company increased production volume at its European suppliers and at selected key suppliers in China and Turkey for longterm business relationships. Smaller Asian and Turkish suppliers are being phased out as part of the consolidation process.

Acne Studios actively focused on mapping and monitoring its subcontractors. Good coordination between the different departments, local staff, agents and internal support has shown to be supporting remediation efforts.

Acne Studios has learned a lot about the root causes of excessive overtime by investigating and discussing planning and working hours in China and Turkey.

FWF recommends to evaluate the impact of the tested instruments to tackle these causes and to apply these to other production countries as well. Regarding worker and management training, FWF expects Acne Studios to more actively promote participation in the WEP programme and seek training opportunities in Korea and Morocco.

Score: 78 Percentage under monitoring: 92% Category: Leader

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